Pot odds question

    • cooltree123
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      Having read up about odds, outs and pot odds I think I have grasped the basics and look to apply this in my game.
      However, I have one question:
      After the flop why do we use the percentage of hitting one of our outs on either the turn or the river (approx. number of outs multiplied by 4 using the rule of 4 and 2) when it is not guaranteed that we will see the winner.

      For example if we have 9 outs so approximately 36% chance of hitting on turn or river, and are given pot odds of 2 to 1 after the flop (33%) then we call the turn. If we miss our outs and the opponent bets the pot again then we no longer have pot odds (18% compared with 33%) and should fold. But if we fold here we have not seen the river, which is half of what we were basing our original call on.

      If anyone can help explain it would be much appreciated.
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    • cindy1985
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      Actually you're right, in general you dont want to look at your odds to hit turn AND river, but rather your odds on the turn only.

      The odds to hit turn AND river are interesting in situations where you consider to shove for example.