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Strategy Points

    • chhalincrush
      Joined: 06.05.2009 Posts: 15
      Hello to all the members of the great site for poker learning.

      My story

      I was a poker amateur.. Well read poker books and implemented art on Poker live tourney...Helped a bit.

      I came across Free money and all looked like a scam...... Then thought....Let me give it a shot...Gave the quiz and tell u found some leaks in my game that would have drained me. At times i am Tight Aggressive and some times i am Tight Passive (timid) player. I tried hard to rectify this leaks and got success to some extent.

      Then got the starting capital at Full Tilt Poker. Enjoyed playing with the bankroll of pokerstrategy. Did good at the table.

      Now my question is I have 104 Full tilt Points in my acccount and My strategy points are 9 and in last 4 weeks is 20. I have only played for a week. So how much rake back am i supposed to get from playing compared to full tilt points or Strategy points.

      Its confusing......

      30 May 09 0
      31 May 09 0
      01 Jun 09 0
      02 Jun 09 0
      03 Jun 09 0
      04 Jun 09 0
      05 Jun 09 0
      06 Jun 09 0
      07 Jun 09 0
      08 Jun 09 0
      09 Jun 09 0
      10 Jun 09 0
      11 Jun 09 0
      12 Jun 09 0.5
      13 Jun 09 0
      14 Jun 09 0
      15 Jun 09 0
      16 Jun 09 1.2
      17 Jun 09 5.9
      18 Jun 09 1.0
      19 Jun 09 2.7
      20 Jun 09 3.5
      21 Jun 09 2.4
      22 Jun 09 3.0
      23 Jun 09 0
      24 Jun 09 0
      25 Jun 09 0
      26 Jun 09 0

      Is the Strategy points obtained. Could u site admin and mods help me find out what am i supposed to receive as Rake Back.


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    • luitzen
      Joined: 03.04.2009 Posts: 664
      At Full Tilt you get a lots of opportunities to earn double and sometimes tripple FTP. For example during happy hours. Here you'll find more about rake to point ratios.

      I hope this helps.
    • luitzen
      Joined: 03.04.2009 Posts: 664
      Originally posted by chhalincrush

      Is the Strategy points obtained. Could u site admin and mods help me find out what am i supposed to receive as Rake Back.
      PokerStrategy bonuses are deducted from your rakeback. You won't get any rakeback before you paid somewhere around $450 in rake. With your current play it means it will take ages before you get anything at all.
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello chhalincrush and welcome to the site!

      Its good to see you are already finding leaks and I hope you continue actively searching for more (I really recommend the hand evaluation boards!)

      To answer your question; it is quite hard to directly calculate your rakeback from Full Tilt Points - since Full Tilt deducts several things from your produced rake (such as the bonus & things like Freeroll participations & Full Tilt Point spending).

      That doesn't mean you will necessarily receive no rakeback in the beginning - just less.

      A quick breakdown of how it approximately works:

      You have 20 StrategyPoints so your Gross Rake (the rake you paid) = about $10

      Amount of cleared bonus: You have enough FTP to have theoretically cleared $5 of bonus already. This is subtracted from your gross rake; $10 - $5 = $5

      You participate in freerolls or tournaments outstanding fees (Full Tilt also subtracts things like money transfer related fees) = these will also be subtracted from the remaining $5 - x - x = your NetRake

      Lets say you didn't have any subtraction aside from the bonus, then your netrake = $5 * 0,27 (27% rakeback) = $1,35

      Together with the bonus you would have thus received 6,35$ of your rake back. $1,35 of which would be paid back on Fridays.

      For the case of you having already cleared your entire bonus - while not playing in Freerolls or the like it gets easier - as your Gross Rake will approximately equal your netrake - so you just need to multiply it with 27%.

      Best regards