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    • steoha12
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      Hello Every1

      Im new to this site just passed the test and waiting for the starting capital I have been playing poker for a while but like a lot players i find bankroll management tough i tend to overvalue hands and sometimes be too aggressive and stubborn with a good starting hand if i dont hit the flop even though most of the time i know im beat. Anyway thank god for this site it offers alot of useful advice which i know will help my game

      I have a question about building bankroll i play alot of poker and find that my game seems suited for tournament poker i was wondering if i should stick to what i know or is it more effective to play cash games which i have played many times but i find it hard to build up bankroll quickly and get lured by a big prize tournament

      PS Good Luck to every1 on site :D
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    • dadude77
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      Any type of poker can be profitable, and you should play whichever you enjoy the most! :) There are SnG's, (Sit and go's) which are basically 9/10 people little tournaments, usually the top 3 get a prize. They are quite fun and faster than a big tournament.

      You can find the strategy you should use for these tournaments here.

      Enjoy pokerstrategy and I hope to see you around the forums soon!