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What Type of Poker Really Suits Me Best?

    • drawback
      Joined: 30.01.2009 Posts: 155
      I've got a question. What should i do if i have played MTTs, STTs and cash games (SSS) for 2 years, but i still haven't decided which one is the best for me. I really can't play only one of those types as i consider myself good at all of them.
      Today i lost 70$ @ cash because i was steaming, but i just won 108$ in 2$ 180 players turbo sng. Btw - this is the 2nd win in this MTT in 3 day-period. I also came in 5th once in these 3 days. I think it is a great achievement. I feel that, my game in MTTs is improving all the time.
      But i also like cash because of steady income, UNLESS i start tilting or i get a deep downswing, when i lose with AA AK KK QQ JJ vs K7o and so on. When that happens, my bankroll is always in danger, as i start tilting and playing everything like a lotto. :/ I'm not saying i tilt a lot, but it's harder to take ups and downs @ cash imo. Like, if i lose 8 BI @ MTT per day, it's nothing really (for example 2 $ BIs). It also doesn't affect my bankroll.
      I'm goldstar at pokerstars, and only because of cash games - i couldn't have made it with MTTs and STTs only :/.
      Maybe i should play cash at Fulltilt to get rake, and stick with MTTs and STTs @ Pokerstars?
      How do u think?
      How do u guys who make living out of poker play? Do u stick to one type of the game only and forever?
      Any help will be appreciated very much :f_p:
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    • Atoks
      Joined: 01.06.2008 Posts: 1,397
      From what u've wrote here it's really impossible to judge what game suits u best. It could be that poker is not for u at all. One rule u should always follow regardless of what u do is: only do something if u enjoy doing it. If u don't enjoy doing something u should stop doing that asap. If u've played poker for 2 years as u say then u should know by know what type u enjoy best. There isn't one type that is absolutely best for earning money but it comes down to which one u like best.

      Considering this I don't think anyone can help u solve this problem but urself. While it may not be an easy answer for u to find I'm sure u can find it. Otherwise cash out ur poker money and pursue other interests.
    • stiansk
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 121
      Why don't play a mix as I do? Find a way to profit at both.
      My huge wins are in tourneys, but I still build from cash games.
      Allthough i don't make a living, I only play for fun at NL 25 and max 10$ tourneys.
    • smccabe6
      Joined: 30.06.2009 Posts: 11
      tbh mate, it sounds like you're trying too hard to make money and are basically asking which is more profitable. I am a total noob to actually playing poker properly (I have been playing for a while but I was more of a bingo player as I made the very expensive mistake of thinking I could pick it up as I went along)
      I have been reading everything I can find and trying every different type of poker I could think of but personally I find single table sng's to be my favourite and most profitable. I concentrate 90% of my game on them, with the odd cash game now and then. Remember that I am a total noob to the proper game and my advice should be taken with a pich of salt but in your shoes, I would play without thinking too much about the money or points at a level where tilt will not be an issue even if it means dropping a few levels so that there really is no danger to your bankroll. Don't dwell too much on your recent wins, a streak of good play can be followed by one of bad play that lasts twice as long, I used to find that if I was in the middle of a winning streak and had a bad beat the tilt would be even worse than usual ans so were the losses! lol. You'll eventually be drawn towards your favourite which you can start playing at your normal levels and hopefully the profits will start to come in.

      Although to be honest, I am a total noob and may just be talking rubbish but I hope this helps,

      Best of luck to you
    • wowadvisor
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 741
      i agree with the above post.

      everybody loves to get rich with poker but you if you play with scared money u lose in the long run :f_cry: