I realize this might be a very similar post to many others of the kind, but due to the devious nature of Titan I feel like posting again.

I received my starting capital last year (I think), made some profit, never deposited anything. Now I'd like to withdraw whatever funds I have and take my business elsewhere.

Firstly, I understand that in order to withdraw I have to make a deposit, the minimum amount being $20, right? Secondly, and this is the bigger issue, what't the deal with Titan Points? As I see it, I have to accumulate 2,500 before being able to withdraw the initial capital. Now I have around 1,000, but bear in mind, this is after the bonus system changed and I was wiped clean of any bonus points I had before. Together with the points that were lost I easily have over 2,500 points, but will they take into account the old points?

I'd like to hear your opinions before I have to contact the support.