Bankroll Management !!!

    • willfox
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      In bankroll management what does BB mean ??

      BB= Big Blinds ??

      BB= Big Bets.... ie .05/10 SB= 2c... BB= 5c...

      but later bets are 10c turn and river betting ?? hence big bet being 10c ??
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    • Remoh
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      In the context of bankroll managment it means usually Big Bets.
      So, Big Bets are the amount of the bets on the turn and river.
      At 0.05$/0.10$ it is 10cent as you said.
    • willfox
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      Thanks !!! Guess I'm stuck with 5c/10c limit for the time being !!! :P
    • Stefan1000
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      Welcome willfox at our Board.

      Just keep it easy. Especially at the beginning you have to adept all the strategies. Try to improve your game by doing:

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      2. Read the Articles and work with them (Print out the SHC and an Odds and Outs Chart)

      3. Visit the live coachings

      If you do these 3 things regular, success will come sooner or later.

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