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[NL2-NL10] NL10 AJo FR vs Tight regular

    • justkyle88
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 7,613
      $0.05/$0.1 No Limit Holdem
      8 players
      Converted at

      UTG 01vtec ($5.40)
      UTG+1 Hero ($8.05)
      MP1 espartano911 ($14.40)
      MP2 II Gemini 2 ($5.20)
      CO LEADER_M777 ($17.00)
      BTN tonghuapoker ($1.10)
      SB PkrDealer86 ($10.00)
      BB no_c1ue ($4.50)

      Pre-flop: ($0.15, 8 players) Hero is UTG+1 A:club: J:club:
      01vtec calls $0.10, Hero raises to $0.50, espartano911 calls $0.50, 4 folds, no_c1ue calls $0.40, 01vtec calls $0.40

      Flop: 2:club: 8:spade: A:spade: ($2.05, 4 players)
      no_c1ue checks, 01vtec bets $0.10, Hero raises to $1.30, espartano911 calls $1.30, no_c1ue folds, 01vtec folds

      Turn: 5:spade: ($4.75, 2 players)
      Hero checks, espartano911 bets $2.70, Hero calls $2.70

      River: A:heart: ($10.15, 2 players)
      Hero checks, espartano911 goes all-in $9.90, Hero goes all-in $3.55

      Final Pot: $17.25
      Hero shows: A:club: J:club:
      espartano911 shows: 8:club: 8:heart:

      espartano911 wins $22.80 ( won +$8.40 )
      no_c1ue lost -$0.50
      01vtec lost -$0.60
      Hero lost -$8.05
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    • Dragar
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 2,214
      Please don't show results.

      b/f turn rather then c/c

      As played fold river.
    • justkyle88
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 7,613
      Yeah sorry I was rushign to post the hands and get to work, sorry.
      5-1 on our money by the river, do we really fold this?
    • Dragar
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 2,214
      Actually sorry no we don't

      Misread that you only had 3.3$ behind, thought you were calling a pot size bet of 9.9$
    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383
      I stopped playing AJs from MP1 ages ago. You can be outkicked, beat by better hands, floated, sucked out, etc...

      Maybe when I learn how to play these hands oop (article/video), I will reconsider.

      As played, tight-regular calls pf sc or pp, he calls flop so he either has FD or set imo. Both of these hands have you beat on the turn but I'm still not sure what's your best line lol prob fold turn.

      bottom line, playing oop is a pain in the ass
    • Fongie
      Joined: 02.12.2006 Posts: 4,978
      Start off by rebuying to a full stack before you play another hand =) We always want to sit with 100BB at least.

      Then you can consider folding preflop. On some tables I might open this from UTG+2, for example if it's full of very tight nits and one or two big fishes that I want to play against. On most though it's better to go with the SHC and fold because you're never going to be dominating people and most likely just getting the pot on the flop or losing a bigger one on later streets because you're playing oop with a marginal hand.

      I'd make the raise bigger on the flop, $1.5-$1.8 to protect against the flushdraw.

      On this turncard I just play check/fold, because from his flop range we now beat practically nothing. And if we do beat it, it's unlikely that he is going to bet it himself (if he minbets like on te flop again we can call that of course, but no real bet).

      And don't post results :)