SHC.. Can you clear a few things up ??

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      Hi Guys and Gals !!!

      In regards to SHC ( starting hand chart ) there is a few things I find confusing ??

      Call - you call ?? If I call and someone raises behind me what do I do ??

      Raise - your raise ?? But what if someone has raised before me ??

      Raise X - one or less limps.. raise So what if nobody limps but 1 raises and someone calls ahead of me ??

      In my opinion you should perhaps have a look at putting extra information on the SHC ....


      Call - You call ( if you call and 1 raises behind you ... Fold )

      Great site by the way
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    • ciRith
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      Explanation of the chart entries

      Call: You call

      Raise: You Raise

      Cap: Raise, raise, raise! No matter what happens. These hands are the only ones which you can play if the pot has been raised twice before.

      Call X: Call, if X or more players have limped. Otherwise fold.

      Raise X: Raise, if X or less players have limped. Otherwise call.
      Exception: Raise 0 – Raise only, if no one has limped yet. Otherwise call.

      Check: You check. (Just for Big Blind)

      /: The slash covers situations where there was one raise ahead of you. In that case you do what is written behind the slash

      Determine the relevant entry

      If the pot was raised two or three times, you can only play “Cap” hands and you should reraise them, no matter the action. Fold other hands.

      If the pot was raised once, “Cap” hands have to be reraised. Depending on the situation, hands with “/” might be playable but you have to focus on the instruction behind the “/”. Fold all other hands.

      If no one raised, all hands listed in the chart are possibly playable. Fold other hands.


      How to react on raises behind you

      The starting hand chart offers the best preflop solutions for your first action. It does not tell you what to do if someone raised once or twice behind of you.

      You have to follow these rules:

      i)If there is one raise behind of you, you always call.

      ii)If the pot is raised twice behind, you react as if it was a simple raise ahead of you in Late Position. Big and small blind will be counted as active players if they have not folded. Thus, “Cap” hands and hands with a slash in the Late Position column are possibly playable.

      iii)If there are three or more raises behind of you, only “Cap” hands are playabale.
      above should answer all your questions.

      a) 1 raise --> always call. 2 and more please read above.

      b) fold

      c) if someone raises look at the entry after /. No entry = fold. For the SHC it doesn't matter if there is "raise, call, YOU" or "call, raise, YOU"