NL10 to NL25

    • delete461
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      Playing NL10 BSS FR on PartyPoker, I win consistently at about 12 - 13 bb/hh using stats. Yet when I take shots at NL25 I start getting crushed almost immediately, I would think that with a winrate of 12bb/hh on NL10 I should be able to beat NL25 with at least 5 bb/hh. Is the difference between the two really that great, or is it in my head?
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    • timukasr
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      Might be variance. Just keep playing your standard ABC game and in time you will see that you bet NL25 at least 8bb/100.

      Compare your NL10 stats and NL25 stats to see if you are playing any different.
    • Dragar
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      Please give sample size etc.

      It might be variance, but yes there is a difference between the limits. Nl25 players are somewhat better then NL10 players, not by a lot.. but I also notice a difference.

      Just adjust your game if you have to and you'll be fine.