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    • justgeo
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      i prefer to play sit n go's or multi table tournaments. i have tried to play cash games but dont find them appealing and i dont do too well with them. i dont play above my bankroll either in cash games.
      should i try and persist to play cash games, or stick with what i know and like?
      overall, i show small profit over 18 months of play, but did not use even half the tools available to me [mug]
      i even tried SSS but hated it.
      any suggestions/opinions anyone?
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    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Play what you like.

      AS long as what type of game you play, you dedicate time to learning and improving strategys.
    • mishkagg
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      I think you should stick to what you're most comfortable with. There is no point playing cash games if you don't like them. It's just a game after all and it's supposed to generate fun. :f_cool:
    • STR82ACE
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      If you like SnG's over cash, by all means you should concentrate on them more. Personally, I would much rather be more proficient at cash games overall though, only because you can go so long without a decent cash in tournaments, it almost makes them -EV for me.

      I wouldn't restrict myself to JUST one form though. Try to open your game up and do more. The articles here will definitely improve you as an overall well rounded player.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi George,

      I would back what other members have already suggested, you should be playing poker for enjoyment, not necessity.

      Play a variant that you are comfortable with and happy to play, playing a variant that bores you will lead to leaks in your game.

      No idea what your BR is, but I would strongly recommend sticking to the strategy guidelines for BRM of 100xBI for mtt's and 50xBI for sng's (single tables), i.e. start grinding the $1 STT's with a $50 starting capital or from Freeroll up to 50cent mtt tournaments. Whilst these seem excessively conservative, like all forms of poker, variance can hurt a more aggressive BRM severely.

      Let us know how you get on with whichever form you decide,