how bad does it get?

    • justgeo
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      when i first started playing poker online, i knew sweet FA [not sure i know much more now] and it was a mystery how i never went broke or even bankcrupt, my game would have been so bad.
      about 18 months ago, things made a turn for the worse and i could not buy a hand, let alone a win. i was playing corals, as i always have done and £50 went in no time at all. wtf was BRM? never heard of it. UTG?? OESD?? sorry, but gobbledeegook to me. this went on for months until i called a halt to it. for about 3 months i played nothing but freerolls and play money games.
      then i had a bad viral infection [not a STD] and that has left me disabled and in rehab.
      so, i had enough time to start and actually learn this great game. i have tried a few places, read a lot of false promise material and seen a whole bunch of videos saying do this, do that.
      but when nothing seems to be going right, none of it seems to mean very much.
      but now, things are looking up. i am reading the right articles now and watching the right videos and listening to more of the right kind of advice.
      so my advice to anyone suffering a big downswing is, step back, have a good long break from cash games and re-evaluate what you really want from poker.
      i just want to be as good as i can be, and if that means never playing above $5 sit n go's. so be it. at least its enjoyable again and i am winning again, that in itself is great therapy. above all, you have to remain positive somehow. thats the hard part!
      my empathy to anyone who is suffering a downswing right now. i wont patronise you with ny great words of wisdom.
      thanks for reading
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    • p0kerQT
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      Hi justgeo,

      I'm glad you have turned your game around now. Like it has been said "Poker is an easy game to learn, but a hard game to master" which is very true, you can know the rules of poker, but without strategy you won't get very far. This site has everything you need to become a "master" of poker, just remember to keep learning and analysing your game by posting hands in the appropriate section and watching videos and coaching sessions.