I wonder what i did wrong (bonus)

    • 9d2c
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      Support sent me ticket and said that I wont recieve any money because I did not download through PS link. I though little(or kinda huge) green download button on the same page is it, just in case I want to know what I did wrong. And if I did is there any way to redo it?

      It's just ironic, I've been away from poker for now some time. I was really glad to hear I got second chance, last time it all went good.. but not good enough.

      Have a nice day. :f_cool:
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    • Waiboy
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      Snap! I just got uber rejectomondo'd too.. although I was told I didn't use the correct bonus code when signing up... although there is nothing I've seen about using a bonus code for the second starting capital - only when making a first deposit.

      Support ticket is pending.. I'll keep you folks updated. Don't hold your breath for goodness sake...
    • wininagn
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      I have been told i wont get the bonus but im still being tracked by PS on 888, I bet PS got their commission for signing me up.
      I have not had my last ticket answered 1 month now, no explanation no nothing . Can anyone give me advice how to get out of PS but keep my accounts going or do I have to cancel all my accounts with all my poker sites and start again with new sites?