What do you think of my PLO10 stats?

    • LuborC
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      I run 6 stacks above EV but I'm basically a losing player. My nonshowdown winnings are terrible.

      (If you can't see the colors the lines from top to bottom are: showdown wins, winnings, EV, nonshowdown wins)

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    • alejandrosh
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      very very low sample, if my last 3k hands said a real winrate it would be awesome (I'm up something like 16 stacks lol)

      about your non showdown, I don't know if thats standard, my graph looks a lot like this and I'm worried about bleeding stacks in non showdown :f_cry:
    • frenacoxes
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      i think that is standard
    • LuborC
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      It's all SH in case you didn't fugure that out. I forgot to mention that.
      Abou the sample size... Sure it's small but as far as I can tell my VPIP and PFR are almost the same in every session so I don't expect that much variance in that..
      I thought I was doing something completely wrong. I guess not. Hopefully the coaching tonight will set me in the right direction..

      BTW, thanks for stopping by frenacoxes. There are not that many people palying PLO in the english community. I appreciate your help.
    • OrcaAoc
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      PLO Shorthanded is probably on of the games with the highest variance.That means in extrem cases its possible you ran pretty bad for 50K hands or more even if you play relatively well. So a 3K sample doesnt qualify for discussing finding leaks etc. at all.
    • Ratatuj
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      i guess preflop stats are not so important in omaha as in holdem (cause you'll see very good players that play 63-34). but i suggest good tag preflop stats are smth like 24 vpip, 12-13 pfr, 6-8 3bet.