How to make Private tournaments.

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    • cannell555
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      Hi kyle,

      You need to email to stars support and ask for an account upgrade so you can make tourneys.

      People are saying that you need to have earned 2k VPP's for your account to be upgraded. Although it wasn't so easy when I was upgraded awhile back. I sent several emails, and because I was a PS moderator at the time, they upgraded me.

      Once you are upgraded you create tourneys in the main lobby. You can make all variants. Ranging from NL to FL, Holdem to Badugi (all variants stars offer), you can make HU shootouts, The buyins range from $5.50 to $530.

      The stack size and blinds can't be changed, although I was told a few months back, that they will be changing it in the future.

    • justkyle88
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      Just sent them an email off just then.
      *fingers crossed*
    • justkyle88
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      I already got a reply and here it is...

      Hello Kyle,

      Thank you for your interest in offering private tournaments on

      At this time, the ability to create private tournaments on PokerStars
      is being offered as a premium feature only to those players who have
      earned more than 2,000 FPP over the lifetime of their account.

      You've earned 1,353.50 FPP so far (including those you've already spent).
      We'd be happy to extend to you this privilege once you've earned the
      full 2,000 points.

      We hope to hear from you in the near future with a few more FPP
      earned. Good luck in our games, and thank you very much for playing
      here on PokerStars.


      Hector G
      PokerStars Support Team