More than one 50$ bonus?

    • Unzaree
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      Erm basically I'd like to know if I can only choose a poker room or for exemple I chose Party Poker and receive 50$ and then chose Pokerstars and also receive 50$ there? Sorry if this has already been answered.
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hi Unzaree,

      You are only entitled to one starting capital. So the initail one you received is your only one.

      However there have been promotions in the past where a second capital has been available one particular platform. These usually have requirements like already having a certain amount of lifetime strategy points. These promos have been listed in the news so always keep your eyes peeled ;)

      Finally, if you want to recieve more money why not try referring some friends through the Tell-a-Friend system. You can find more info about that here -