[NL2-NL10] Should I loosen up?

    • whateverdude
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      I just had my first winning session(500hands a session I play) @NL25 @FTP since like FOREVER !!! And today I was like "screw it, can't get any worse, I will steal like crazy today, call stations or not". I lost 2 times with XX vs YY where x>y and lost every single flip, yet I finished $1 up(WOOOHOOO).
      My stats for last 30k hands at NL10/25 are 9/7/17 vpip/pfr/ats, I know SSS steals a lot more at higher limits, but NL25 is full of calling station donkeys that call with any two, which is why I have been at the two extremes with my steals so far: stealing any two when there are two nitty grinders/SSS`s in the blinds, and being really tight with my steals when there is a monkey in the blinds. Today I went against my sense and was stealing with any playable hand no matter who is in the blinds and it worked great.

      So, long story short, is 9vpip/7pfr/17ATS too nitty even for NL25 ?
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