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[NL2-NL10] SSS - NL25$ OESD-Push good ? (from the Coaching)

    • Alaton
      Joined: 21.02.2006 Posts: 1,498
      Open for discussion :)

      Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ BB (10 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: 2+2 Forums)

      BB ($67.19)
      UTG ($24.05)
      UTG+1 ($25.25)
      UTG+2 ($23.50)
      MP1 ($9.65)
      MP2 ($50.98)
      MP3 ($15.60)
      CO ($25)
      Button ($9.40)
      Hero ($6.25)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with 9:spade: , T:diamond: . CO posts a blind of $0.35. Hero posts a blind of $0.10.
      UTG calls $0.25, [color:#666666]1 fold[/color], UTG+2 calls $0.25, MP1 calls $0.25, MP2 calls $0.25, [color:#666666]1 fold[/color], CO (poster) checks, Button calls $0.25, Hero (poster) completes, BB checks,

      Flop: ($2.25) J:heart: , 8:diamond: , 4:club: [color:#0000FF](3 players)[/color]
      Hero checks, [color:#CC3333]BB bets $2[/color], UTG calls $2, UTG+2 folds, MP1 folds, MP2 folds, CO folds, Button folds, [color:#CC3333]Hero raises to $6 (All-In)[/color], BB calls $4, UTG calls $4.

      Turn: ($20.25) 7:club: [color:#0000FF](3 players)[/color]
      BB checks, [color:#CC3333]UTG bets $6.25[/color], BB calls $6.25.

      River: ($32.75) T:spade: [color:#0000FF](3 players)[/color]
      BB checks, BB calls $11.55.

      Final Pot: $32.75
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    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      BB definitely have jack or two pair, so you will be saved only by straight. I would fold it, most of the times you lost money and I like to go all-in when I´m ahead or favorite. Sadly I couldn´t see you last coaching (lost internet connection) then I could say at least, why you pushed all-in.

      Lately I´ve lost trips to the higher kicker when I´m on BB. So even with trips I won´t go always all-in, someone else seems to have also trips with higher kicker.
    • csnmf
      Joined: 22.11.2006 Posts: 444
      I dont really play SSS but ill give it a go just using odds and outs.

      With the rainbow flop any Q or 7 is the nuts so we have close to 8 clean outs. So if we go all in on the flop we will hit 2.2:1 roughly. I can't see us having enough fold equity to make both of them fold so we are going to need at least 2.2:1 pot odds.

      There is initially $2.1 in the pot then with the raise and call makes it $6.1

      If we push and get only 1 caller then we are putting in 6 to win 10.1 so clearly not the required odds. The way it played out where both called then we clearly have odds 6 to win 14.1 so in this case it was right to push all in. However you can't guarantee both would call, the original raiser may end up re-raising to isolate,

      Side note: if you could guarantee he wouldnt re-raise to isolate, then a min-raise :D would also work to exploit our equity edge and increase the chances of both calling. Even if the original raiser put in an isolation raise we would then have the necessary odds to call. If they just call the min-raise then we still go all in on the turn with odds.

      If you just call, then calling 2 to win 6.1 gives just over 3 to 1 but you need in this case 5 to 1 to hit on the turn. With implied odds you would only need one of them to call your all in $4 bet if you hit??? which is probably likely as that will be just under a Half PSB. Also although unlikely you may get a free card and you have good relative position to the raiser if you dont hit then you can check and see if the caller stays in the hand if there is a raise and you can then re-evaluate your odds.

      So with this in mind i think a call is probably better as it ensures a greater proportion of the time that you are getting the right price (assuming my use of implied odds is correct). Also assuming your fold equity of the all in move is minimal and assuming my use of odds etc is correct lol