• PaharuDeFier
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      hy there .. i have a probleme .. i`ve completed the qiuz ( at 02.07.09 ) and i don`t now why those 50$ didn`t came to my pokerstars account . the kit was downloaded from the ( green icon ) can u help me ?
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello PaharuDeFier,

      Welcome to Pokerstrategy!

      -Have you recieved an id check in the mail? Please check your inbox and junk mail as well. You can send a copy of your id here : An id check may be nessecary as it stops people from creating multiple accounts.

      -Are you from the USA? Due to the legal status in the USA, the starting capital will not be available if you are living there.

      -Have you checked your tickets from support?
      Support may have tried to contact you about any problems with the starting capital. It is also possible to create a ticket to support here :)

      Also note that the capital can take up to 96 WORKING hours to get to you. Your id might need to be checked and your payment has to be processed.


    • SoyCD
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      Hello PaharuDeFier,

      It seems like our suport has written you a ticket via the ticket system;

      Please follow the instructions in the ticket and reply to it when you have done so!

      Best regards