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Smileyphil on Tournaments

    • Smileyphil
      Joined: 28.10.2008 Posts: 488
      Hi everyone, Smileyphil here. I'm a maths student from North England. I love to climb, play piano, sit in the sun and most importantly play poker! :D

      Poker History:
      Since coming to Pokerstrategy I have had a go at almost everything I can put my hand too. In March I played around 20k hands using BSS. Then I played around 50k hands of SSS to see how that worked. I have also played a decent amount of SnG's but I never got into that very much. I've made some money in my time but have generally withdrawn it to go buy beer :tongue: . Ah the life of a student...

      Large Tournaments:
      In between I have always enjoyed a large tournament - more as recreation than for profit. However after discovering Sharkscope I realised that over my first 150 tourneys I have a ROI of 89%! I figured this was either a) pure luck or b) a brilliant and wasted skill. Its about time I played tournaments a bit more seriously and tried to find out which it is!

      Bankroll Considerations:
      As it stands I have my Poker Bankroll split across the two big sites. I have $110 on Full Tilt and $130 on Pokerstars. So in total around $240. To start with I won't play any tournaments larger than $5. I am not sure exactly what sort of Bankroll Management is best for MTT's but if my money gets too low I can always do a bit of Short Stacking to lift it back up. I also have a free $40 on Pacific Poker but I have to wager a fair amount of cash before any withdrawals can take place. This will mostly be money for when I can't be bothered to play properly.

      Pokerstars: $130.
      Full Tilt: $110.
      Pacific Poker: $40.

      My Aims:
      - Don't start any tournaments I can't be bothered to finish.
      - Don't play any above $5 until I have a larger bankroll.
      - Play simply and enjoy it. Clever ploys and fancy moves are one thing but just playing a strong sucessful game is much more enjoyable.
      - Report back here every so often how its going.

      Tournaments History:
      5th July: Early Double A - -$6.00
      5th July: Early Double B - +$0.74
      6th July: Standard $2 MTT - -$2.25
      6th July: Deep Stack $3 MTT - -$3.30
      6th July: $4 180 Player SnG - -$4.40
      6th July: Standard $5 MTT - -$5.50
      6th July: Standard $5 MTT - -$5.50

      July: -$26.16

      Phil :)
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    • justkyle88
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 7,613
      Hey smiley,
      I'm always glad to see some MTT blogs floating around.
      Goodluck with your quest.

      But one tip for BRM.
      $240 isnt enough to be playing $5 MTTs.
      Atleast 100BIs is what you need for MTTs.
      But, Goodluck and I'll defiently be back.
    • Smileyphil
      Joined: 28.10.2008 Posts: 488
      Hi Kyle. Good to have you here. I've always considered doing a proper MTT blog but never quite got round to it until now. I was considering only playing $2 tourneys but these are much less common. I will consider each tournament on its own merits as it comes. My plan should it go badly is to use my skills as a short stacker to rebuild my bankroll if I suffer too many losses at the start. I'm hoping I won't have to resort to this of course. :D

      Phil :)
    • Smileyphil
      Joined: 28.10.2008 Posts: 488
      Catch of the Day:
      Today's tournaments are the delightfully arranged Early Double. This tasty little morsel provides twice the excitement with a nice added little treat if you should cash in both tournaments. Brought to you by Full Tilt Poker this is a must for budding low-limit connoisseurs.

      I was tempted by Pokerstars Sunday 1/4 Million but with a rather extravagant $10 + $1 buyin it was a little bit too rich for my taste. However with 1 in 6 (roughly) places paid and an excellent payout at the top this will be a tournament to look out for in the future.

      Todays Menu:
      Early Double A:
      Buyin: $5 + $1
      Prizepool: $7,815
      Entrants: 1,563
      Place: 544th
      Money: -$6.00

      Early Double B:
      Buyin: $5 + $1
      Prizepool: $6,740
      Entrants: 1,348
      Place: 209th
      Money: +$0.74

      So hows the Cuisine?
      The Early Double A was the first to bust. Was playing fairly tight and card-dead for a lot of the tournament, finally picked up ATs on the SB and decided it was time to push over two limpers. Unfortunately one of the earlier limpers called with AJo and with no help I was out of the tournament.

      Meanwhile at the Early Double B things were going considerably better. I won two large pots early and then surfed towards the bubble. As the bubble came close I was beginning to feel the pressure and I tried to loosen up but my table had other ideas with raises before me giving me no opportunity to accumulate. I managed to get into the cash but I was feeling very vunerable. I made my move pushing to try to steal some blinds and was called into a coinflip. I lost and took home a measly $6.74.

      Day One Results:
      Today ends -$4.07. Feel I played both tournaments fairly well if a little bit too tight. I'll pick back up the pace soon and see if I can run a little better.

      Phil :)
    • bah22
      Joined: 28.01.2008 Posts: 4,208
      It looks like solid start! :) As a MTT&SNG player myself i would like to hear more of this adventure. Why don't you try some SNGs while playing MTTs? I play mostly 26$ 45men SNGs and MTTs up to 55$ on FTP. See you there! :s_cool:
    • randomdonk
      Joined: 02.08.2009 Posts: 1,984
      Originally posted by Smileyphil
      I was tempted by Pokerstars Sunday 1/4 Million but with a rather extravagant $10 + $1 buyin it was a little bit too rich for my taste. However with 1 in 6 (roughly) places paid and an excellent payout at the top this will be a tournament to look out for in the future.
      there are some really soft satellites for that tourney if u have some fpp
    • Enomai
      Joined: 17.04.2008 Posts: 41
      What a coincidence, I too am an English poker-playing pianist!
      Great read so far, will be interested to see how you get on.

      As randomdonk suggested, the 280 FPP hyper turbo satellites for the Sunday 1/4 million are really good, top 2/6 get a ticket and 3rd gets their FPPs back. Even if you're not looking to play the tournament, you can just unregister and get T$11. The 210 FPP 20 seaters are fairly easy too but obviously more time consuming.

      Anyway, ramble over, I'll be sure to check back on your progress! :P