Rake calculation formula question

    • ShinShya
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      So I've been trying to figure out a formula to get an average of how much I can expect to earn in rake per day/week/month/year. I'd like your opinion on my math.

      I've taken my average amount of rake from FTP @ 1/2 NL (9 max). Then took my average rake per hand and divided it by 8.5, which would be an average amount of players at my tables. After that I times it by the percent of rake back I get, and I come up with a number of how much I should average per hand.

      1) Average rake @ 1/2 NL (9 max) which is .65
      2) Divide .65 by 8.5 (average number of players at my tables) = .076
      3) Times .076 by .27 (my rake back %) = .0205 per hand
      4) Now I can times .0205 by how many hands I play per day and get an average of how much I should make.

      For example:

      If I play 8,000 hands per day, It would be .0205 x 8000 = $165 in rake back.

      Correct me if I'm wrong please.
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello ShinShya,

      That looks about right to me, although it would require your .65 average rake number to be accurate.

      Aside from that you can just take any larger sample of hands you have played e.g. 10,000 and look at the amount of rake you produced in that timeframe. Simply calculate your rakeback per 1,000 hands or per hand from that.

      In general I try to stay away from the "I'm playing for rakeback" mentality though since it puts the focus on volume and bonuses and not on good play and winrate. If you concentrate only on winrate you will place the correct focuses and still receive rakeback on top of your winnings. If you become solely a rakeback player you will be faced with a potentially stagnating winrate or break-even play.

      So while such calculations might be motivating for putting in more volume I would always treat them with caution and never try to get them too exact.

      Best regards