Bring in vs. Bet

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    • Kimber88
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      As a general rule I say that you never bet if you're the bring. No reason to scare off opponents if you have such a strong hand that you could actually do it. Then I like bring/raise a lot more.
    • One12ver
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      Not much written about bringin and betting. I personaly like to play straight forward poker here.

      Bring in: When I have shit and don´t want to play the hand.
      When I have a hand that I want lots of people to build the pot.
      When I want to try a check/raise play.

      Bet: To protect a hand.
      Big hand that I want to play aggresivly.
    • SonataWolf
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      I'm with Kimber on this one. I never bet with the bring in, don't like it.
    • AussieIan
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      when you have a good hand, BET IT!!! you limp aces in holdem because you want everyone in the pot cause aces are so unbeatable....nope, you raise to protect, and the same concept applies. With antes, there is already something to collect (all be it small), and a small win is better than a large loss after inviting everyone into the pot
    • SonataWolf
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      If you only bring in for a completion when you have a good hand, then you are asking to be stolen from every time you don't complete. - If you do it every time, you are throwing away money when forced in (which generally is with a bad hand, since you already have the lowest up card) - When you bring in for a completion, you lose certain options on how to play the hand. If you bring in for the minimum, when someone completes you, they only complete for a partial bet, while you can raise back a full bet, or you can decide to slow play your hand. If you bring in for the completion, you now expose yourself to being raised back a full bet.

      As said by Perry Friedman (FT Pro) and lots of others. Bringin in a complete bet minimizes your options in the hand, so don't do it.

      Just my 2 cents
    • chenny8888
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      i only ever bet in more passive games where people don't raise the bringin often. otherwise i will bringin/call or bringin/raise with all my hands.
    • Grimzor
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      I almost never bet.

      There is only one case where i bet - its HU if i think it will induce opponent to spew. Thats about it.

      Oh and forgot to say - this is sooooooo different from limping aces in NL holdem :D