[NL2-NL10] 98s preflop nl25

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    • Dragar
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      Use villain steal % stat for this.

      If he steals a lot 3-bet.
      If he steals little fold or cold-call depending on opponent

      Cold-call I would use if opponent is very nitty so I can stack if I hit nicely.
    • MaestroOfZerg
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      If this guy has been stealing a lot lately you can 3-bet him with this nice suited connector, provided you know how to avoid troubles postflop if you get called (c-bet scary flops for him, don't cling to a one-pair hand as you're looking to hit the flop hard before putting more than a c-bet in the pot).

      If he hasn't, i would recommend folding as opposed to coldcalling. You need a better read on that player to be able to just call preflop, as you won't hit the flop hard very often, and it's unlikely he's gonna have a good hand at the same time to pay you off. If he has a marginal hand or is very careful postflop, you're gonna have a hard time building a big pot out of position to stack him. You need to be sure that this guy is a huge nit preflop AND can't let go of an overpair postflop, or that he is so weak/tight that you can push him off anything by being extremely aggro postflop.

      The fact that CO could come along if you just call is a bonus, but since he doesn't even have a full stack and he will also have position on you, i still don't think this is enough to justify a call until you know the BU is little better.

      Hope it helps.