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A Kid's Dream! Starting my poker career!

    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      Hey Everyone!  

      x About me

      My name is Rus Adrian Raul but my friends reffer to me as Mace (its not what you think, its actually the shortcut from Macelar=Butcher, long Age Of Empires 2 history)

      I'm a 19 years old student from Bistrita (~120k people) in the North-West of Romania.

      Hobbies : - I like and do sports (football, tennis, swimming, and hitting the gym, pretty often too), I'm a bit of a music addict (Music + Poker = Love) , Muvies (mostly comedies). So I'm a pretty happy guy. I'm very very rarely sad or nervous (gotta thank poker too ).

      In the future, besides poker I would like to start my own bussiness, because I'm the type of guy that is pretty much against the state, especially the dumb romanian one (I'm not that patriotic either). I don't think I could be very much able to work for somebody and take orders.

      x My poker story
      Here goes, I found poker about 3 years ago. Started playing for fun (I had no idea what a straight was). I instantly liked it though. After about a year or so I watched a lot of WSOP, HSP and other poker shows. And then I started playing freerolls. There was something I could not believe at first, how I never lasted more than 15 minutes in a tournament.

      Thats when I started reading "Harrington on hold'em 1" . Finished reading it and was lucky enough to receive 25$ from a friend of mine. From the first moment I played poker, I was aware of bankroll management. Used an aggresive one though and managed to get to 400$ on Carbon Poker.

      Kept playing on Carbon Poker till last summer (with small adventures on PaddyPower , Full TilT and others) but never had discipline, since I was in high-school and I didn't take poker that serious. I ended up withdrawing a total of a bit over 2000$ on carbon. (Search LuckyAdyshorr on sharkscope on Carbon for MTT and SNG results)

      I must say I never deposited my own money. Ever. And I think I will never do.
      So, last summer, after I have stopped playing for about 3 months or so , I got back in the bussiness by playing freerolls. After a cruise amongst many sites , withdrawing, depositing, playing depositors tournaments, moving money from here to there, I managed to get somewhere around 1400$.

      Withdrawed some, deposited 1000$ on PokerStars (where I'm tracked by PokerStrategy), and 35euros on NoiQ through another site which will give me PT3 for free if I make 250 VIP points till 27 july.

      x My plans
      I'm going to play Turbo SnG's on Pokerstars and cash on NoiQ (cash more for fun and avoiding routine, I'm going to focus on SnGs, I want to master them)
      I'm going to try and release the PT3 on noiQ. Then I'm gonna start grinding the 3.40$ 10 men Turbo's on Stars (9-12 tables). While grinding I will study really hard with video's , hand samples, articles and any other possible thing thats gonna teach me how to beat these SnG's.
      On noiQ, I'm grinding the 4NL SH.

      Current NoIQ Bankroll : 119eur (95 VIP)
      Current Stars Bankroll : 1051$ (650 FPP) ~ Managed to clear the 50$ first deposit bonus with 1$ profit :s_biggrin:

      x My goals (no money goals!)

      x Short term goals
      -make 250 VIP's till 27 July - DONE
      -withdraw money from NoiQ after completing the promotion and move to DevilFish with rb. - DONE
      -start grinding the SnG's on stars and beat the 3.40$ ones till December
      -move to the 6.50$'s on 1st of January and pursue the Supernova
      -study study study
      -play some tournaments and have profit by doing it

      x Long term goals
      - reach Supernova by the end of 2010 on Stars
      - Black Member in 3 years on Strategy

      I will be back with weekly goals that i MUST fulfill. For the beginning I will only keep you up by posting what I did (no graphs till I get PT3). I hope I'll have time to do the required VIP's since I just ended the exams and got into college. Pretty much partying going on.
      When I'll start playing the SnG's, I'll play 3-4h/day, mostly as a part time job. May I have the best of luck (I have to say I'm in general a pretty unlucky player, never been the lucker type). I don't tilt easily and when I do I get out and take a walk or watch a comedy (mostly "Friends" , I'm watching it for the second time, laughing as louder as the first time).

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    • Anssi
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 2,173
      Originally posted by MaCe90
      I must say I never deposited my own money. Ever. And I think I will never do.
      Originally posted by MaCe90
      Withdrawed some, deposited 1000$ on PokerStars (where I'm tracked by PokerStrategy), and 35euros on NoiQ...

      Good luck.
    • HannesNL
      Joined: 18.11.2008 Posts: 4,590
      He withdrawn his own money and deposited that money he won from poker on pokerstars?

      fish :f_biggrin:
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      You got it all wrong. I never deposited my own money as in my pocket money. I either won in freerolls or I put money aside (If I had 300$ , i would withdraw 200$ , and deposit the other 100 ~ not my own money). Lets just say I have no deposit made on moneybookers , just withdrawals. (I only use moneybookers).
    • AussieIan
      Joined: 10.12.2007 Posts: 366
      Originally posted by MaCe90
      You got it all wrong. I never deposited my own money as in my pocket money. I either won in freerolls or I put money aside (If I had 300$ , i would withdraw 200$ , and deposit the other 100 ~ not my own money). Lets just say I have no deposit made on moneybookers , just withdrawals. (I only use moneybookers).
      We understand that...he's just trying to wind you up :)
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      Oh, ok then :D . Thanks Anssi and everyone ;) .

      I'm off for my evening session.
      I'm going to play the 8kgtd 2.20$ on Pstars and also a 5$ and a 1$ tournaments that count for the Eastern European League on Pokerstars (Division 1 and 2).
      I'll also play on NoiQ and I'll try make at least 5 VIP's because I'm not really in the mood to play. Once I reach 100 VIP's I will get the first 10 EUR of my deposit bonus.
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      x Session results

      - lost everything on Stars, cold decks and bad plays
      - played 3h on noiQ , 9 tabling the 4NL SH , had a ton of bad luck, but managed to get over it and breakeven at the end, making some points too.
      I don't think I've received the 10eur for the first 100 VIP's. I don't know what could be the problem.

      PokerStars Bankroll : 1044$
      NoiQ Bankroll : 121 EUR (108 VIP ~ 142 to go)
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      Boring Day

      x Today was not that fun a day. Wanted to get out and go swim a bit and play some tennis. But due to weather/lack of competition I stayed home and played some poker.

      x After playing about 2h of 9-tabling the 4NL SH tables , getting a couple of bad beats and tilting a bit I got down to 110eur. That's when it hit me . I had to move to NL10 for the following reasons :
      - I don't think I could make the required VIP's on NL4 in time.
      - 9 SH tables are pretty tough to handle, especially when dealing with all kinds of strange plays.
      - by playing only 4 tables of NL10 SH at a time, I have the opportunity to analize my plays and my opponents.
      - VIP's are made faster on NL10 (even if its just 4 tables)
      - I can grind for a longer period of time since its not as exhausting as 9 tabling

      So far it seems like it has been a wise decision since I find it more comfortable and easy to beat and make VIP's. (hopefully no strong downswing will hit me till I reach my goal).

      I also found out that the bonus on noIQ will be paid after 50 days, when it expires. So I hope I'll get an extra 25eur to my at least 125eur by the end of this thing.

      Current NoIQ Bankroll : 128EUR (125VIP ~ 125 to go)
      Current PokerStars Bankroll : 1044$ (660 FPP)
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      Different Day

      x So today was the exact opposite of yesterday. Better weather, played some tennis, went out for coffee, played a bit , had a mini trip, played a bit , wen out for a drink and played a bit again.

      x Regarding NL10, it has been without a doubt a wise decision to move here. 4 tabling is so much less mentally challenging. And analyzing my opponents gives me the chance to play almost at my best (which is not that good, don't get all pumped up). No serious bad beats brought me up pretty good though.
      The only thing i need to improve is my time availability. I need more time to play. I must stop partying (like that's ever gonna happen). I hope that even so I'll manage to make the points till 24th of July (Yep, its not 27, its 24th! )

      NoiQ Bankroll : 158EUR (135 VIP)
      PokerStars Bankroll : 1044$ (660 FPP)
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      How come I can't see what I just posted ? I mean, the topic is on topic, there are 8 replies, but I just can't see it!

      Oh ok, its solved...forget about it :D
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194

      x Yep, you've heard it! Going at NL10 was one of the wisest decisions I've took in a while. I'm playing relatively good, and whats most important, I run GOOD! Cards pretty much hold up great. I feel confident, got the patience, I'm pretty sure I will make the points eventually.

      x I still hope I'll have more time to play tough , because I pretty much have plans for the whole week. Fortunately, night is my allie.

      Current NoIQ Bankroll : 176eur (141VIP)
      Current Stars Bankroll : 1044$ (660 FPP)
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      Good day , bad day !

      x So , all that enthusiasm about that upswing has pretty much vanished this last two days. I haven't caught a break in a while. This is mostly because of bad cards and bad plays also. I might be too lose and aggresive for this limit, I don't know what the problem could be.

      Here are some examples :

      1. BB - 8d6d

      UTG raise 0.50, MP calls, BU calls, Hero calls (pot odds and decent suited connectors)

      Ad Qd Jd
      Hero bets 1 eur, MP call
      Hero bets 1.90 eur , MP call
      Hero checks , MP all in 4eur

      I call, he has Kd 9d

      2.BB- QcQs

      UTG calls, MP calls, BU calls, SB calls , Hero raise 0.60 , UTG calls
      5c 2s 10h
      Hero bets 1.50, UTG calls
      Hero bets 3.8eur (put him all in ) , UTG calls with AhKh

      3. BU - 10c10s
      UTG calls, MP calls, Hero raises 0.50 , UTG re-raises 1.50, MP folds, Hero calls
      2s 8c 5h
      UTG checks, Hero bets 2eur , UTG calls
      UTG checks, Hero bets 3eur, UTG all in 10eur, Hero folds (I had 6.5 eur left)

      UTG was fishy, didn't think he was capable of check-raising in that spot.

      4. Called a maniac's 5eur all in with JJ , but just the time for him to get KK .

      5. CO - KK
      UTG calls, MP calls, Hero raises 0.60, MP calls
      Q J 2 (rainbow)
      Hero bets 1.1eur, MP calls
      MP bets 2eur, Hero push all in 5eur, MP call ...MP shows A 10 off suit
      river 3.

      Thats what I remembered, but there were many others that made my day. I think less than 20% of my C-bets worked, they seemed to hit everything. Tomorrow is a new day though. Gotta get over it.

      NoiQ Bankroll : 148eur (174VIP)
      PokerStars Bankroll : 1044$ (660FPP)
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      Greetings Everyone!  

      I'm back after a while and I'm pleased to say I have only good news.
      Got into college (both of them , as I wanted ~ Sports and Economycs) , finished the noiQ promotion (with pretty good results), and I must say I'm enjoying my summer for now. On the other side...I'm trying to start the grinding and the studying in the SnG area, but I still have no time to do it.

      Got the PT3, ordered HoH2, and withdrawed the money from noIQ.

      Now, its time to start grinding the SnG's on Stars during working days and playing cash with rakeback on Devilfish during weekends (to avoid routine) .

      Devilfish Bankroll : 175eur
      PokerStars Bankroll : 1044$

      I'll be back in a couple of days with what I hope will be the official beginning of my poker career.
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194

      And the moment I've been waiting for is here. Its time I start to try to treat poker as a job. It won't be easy, a LOT of discipline is needed , which I probably won't have for the beginning (at least for this month poker won't come first), but one step at a time I'll try to make a program that I will trully respect.

      As well, at least one third of the poker time will be used to study (videos, books, articles, mikogo sessions etc)

      Regarding the game, I will play 3.40$ 10 players Turbo SnG's on PokerStars during work days, and during weekends or when I need a break from SnG's I'll play cash on PokerNordica (Merge Network) where I deposited 200$ and I'll play with 30% rakeback at 10NL SH (BSS).

      To begin, for august I want to :

      - reach Silver Star on PokerStars (650/1200FPP)
      - reach Gold Member status on PokerStrategy (325/800 Points)
      - play at least 60h of SnG's this month (25/60)
      - play at least 10h of Cash on Nordica (5/10)
      - view at least 10 SnG Videos (7/10)
      - read at least 10 SnG Articles (10/10)
      1. Bet sizing - How much do you bet and why?
      2. Odds and Outs - How Should You Play Draws?
      3. Advanced strategies for postflop play
      4. Four standard charts for the push-or-fold-stage
      5.How do You Play Speculative Hands?
      6.NL tournament: your opponent's hand ranges
      7. Pre-flop Play in the Early Stage
      8. On the Flop - The Basics
      9. On the Flop - When to play aggressively
      10. On the Flop – When to Play Passively
      - read at least 100 pages from Moshman's Book on SnGs (100/100)

      This being said :
      PokerStars Bankroll : 1035$ (700FPP)
      PokerNordica Bankroll : 220$ ~ 20$ Instant bonus on deposit (0 VIP Points)
      Let the show begin :D  
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      My first 2h SnG session on Pokerstars just ended and I might say I managed to win 20cents. I didn't really had any luck, but it is very good considering I still have a ton of leaks. I've read 30 pages from Moshman's book and I really like it, very good structure, easily readable. Played 23 SnG's in a bit more than an hour and a half.

      PokerStars Bankroll : 1035$ (743FPP)
      PokerNordica Bankroll : 220$ (0VIPs)
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194
      Just ended another 2h SnG session on PokerStars. Played 27 SnG's and with 6 SnG's left to play I was -30$ after I've had the worst run of cards, but I offered two suckouts myself and cards held up better and I ended up with 6$ profit. I used for the first time table ninja, which helped me a lot (I might just purchase it) .

      Today I've read another 30 pages of Moshman's book (really good book) . Covered the low blind play. Saw one of Unam's videos and made a 4 SnG session using mikogo with a friend of mine (also a good way to improve my/our game).

      To conclude, today was an excellent day...if only all were at least like this. (with a bit more luck...or less bad luck to say it better).

      PokerStars Bankroll : 1040$ ( 810 FPP )
      PokerNordica Bankroll : 214.5$ {Played a 5.5$ tournament with 36 players, top 5 got paid, got eliminated in 7th holding KdQd on an all diamonds flop, opponent had AdJd}
    • MaCe90
      Joined: 03.01.2009 Posts: 194

      It looks like my grinding career has begun with what looks to be a pretty big downswing (not that much by the amount loss but by the frequency of lost coinflips and bad beats I got).

      I can say that this 27 SnG session has really teste my nerves and if there is one good thing to get of this crappy moment, is the fact that I did not tilt at all, more than that ...I continued to play my game and managed to get some back in the end.

      The end looks like this (out of 27 played) :

      1x First place
      1x Second place
      6x Third place
      6x Bubbles

      After a while, I decided to count the won/lost all in situations where I had my opponent dominated ( it got to a scary 3 won - 8 lost! and I'm talking DOMINATED , such as AQ vs A7 and stuff).

      Altough I've been at -75$ , I've managed to get a decent -40$ and against my expectations , this didn't make me angry at all, but made me more motivated to get better and destroy this SnG's by the end of December :D

      PokerStars Bankroll : 1000$ (864FPP)
      PokerNordica Bankroll : 214.5$
    • steIIstuI
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 1,587
      Nice blog. I'm also from romania (targoviste) and I have a SnG blog. I play $5+0.5 SnG's on FullTilt and I also play $3 - $6 DoN's on PartyPoker. I use the 50 BI BRM but I'll move to 100 BI for the next level of buyin.

      Good Luck, I hope we'll see each other at a black member party in 2 - 3 years.

      I also have an advice for you. Get Camtasia Studio or other recording software and record some sessions so you can later analyze your game.

      Best of luck! :s_thumbsup:
    • steIIstuI
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 1,587
      Hand of the day. 4 August:

      I'm BB. SB is the shortstack and raises first in. I decide to call and push on whatever flop. but...

      $120/$240 No-Limit Hold'em (3 handed)

      Known players:
      BU = ($6100.00)
      SB = ($1690.00)
      BB(Hero) = ($5710.00)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with 4 :heart: , 2 :heart: .
      BU folds, SB raises to $360.00, Hero calls $240.00.

      Flop: ($960) 2 :diamond: , 5 :heart: , 2 :club: (2 players)
      SB raises to $1,210.00(All-In), Hero calls $1,210.00.

      Turn: ($3380) 4 :club: (2 players)

      River: ($3380) 3 :heart: (2 players)

      Final Pot: $3380.

      thegcalgary shows a straight, Five high
      stelistuI shows a full house, Twos full of Fours
      stelistuI wins the pot (3,380) with a full house, Twos full of Fours
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot 3,380 | Rake 0
      Board: [2d 5h 2c 4c 3h]
      Seat 3: pagination1 (button) didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 6: thegcalgary (small blind) showed [As Ts] and lost with a straight, Five high
      Seat 7: stelistuI (big blind) showed [4h 2h] and won (3,380) with a full house, Twos full of Fours
    • steIIstuI
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 1,587
      HAHAAHAHA I put it on the wrong blog lol :rolleyes: