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This makes me sick

    • karmolll
      Joined: 11.07.2008 Posts: 101
      I got my bonus here for a while and I played a decent amount of hands untill now on NL6 NL10 and some sng s (1$ most of them and a few 2.50 and 3$) . The softwere is the worst i ever seen and u can t find any information about your accout ( just the curent balance) and despite the fact that u can hardly find a guy that knows more about poker than the basic rules ( there are certainly players that don t even know the rules of the game ), I can t pass the 50$ mark of my BR witch is the initial BR that i started plaiyng with . My BR is now at 30$ and I got realy sick of waiting for the perfect spot to donate money to those Monkeys.
      Now i understand why most of PS players that got their free 50$ +100$ here doncked their money within 3 days and left this platform .
      I would realy like to know if i can find a worse place to play poker . for me the second worse place i ve seen is Dracula where u can hardly find more than 10 cash tables (ALL STAKES ++) ,but where u can play a better poker by far !
      This platform s purpose seems to be - anoying customers , not creating a good enviromet for them , because for me it s hard to bealive that someone who owns or leads suck a company has no ideea about what a poker player needs to feel confortable while playing the game.
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    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      Look at the bright side - avg plrs/flop 48% at nl100/nl200 is common. ;) Actually lower plrs/flop is pretty rare. :D It doesn't matter on what poker room you play, there will allways be bad beats and downswings.
    • yaxkukmian
      Joined: 24.12.2007 Posts: 2,020
      Totally agree karmolll. I played there for few days and the software was really killing me. There isn't a thing that I liked at Pacific...

      At the end I played $33 15k tourney and finished it just out of the money...and I was so happy. It was uninstalled within 3 min :f_biggrin:
    • bkbart
      Joined: 01.04.2007 Posts: 327
      my $50 lasted a day or two and I dont think I will be rebuying for the bonus
    • Berzerger
      Joined: 24.03.2008 Posts: 910
      Isn't it remarkable how complaining threads are found everywhere throughout the forums whereas contentment threads are only limited to "our successes" forum... If it makes you feel any better, I'm running approximately as good as you. Still holding on though.
    • deving42
      Joined: 16.06.2008 Posts: 71
      Yea, mine was donked away in about 3 days after i got it. Decided to play some PLO .05/.1
      I still don't fully understand the game lol.
    • Berkstajger
      Joined: 19.03.2009 Posts: 878
      *combo breaker*

      I'm up to 300$ from 50$ in 20.000 hands. But yes, I followed BRM... :)
    • Sexicano
      Joined: 04.03.2009 Posts: 26
      Heheh I also put my 50dollars to plo100 but in the end i had about 750d at the table and instantly put the amount I could to withdraw :)
    • felippe4u
      Joined: 03.03.2009 Posts: 33

      I want to say my opinion about 888 poker.
      I totally agree with karmolll, I think that this is by far the worst place where you can play poker, but MOSTLY because of the software and support.

      I want to share with you all my 1 week experience with Pacific. So a month ago, or so, I got my starting capital, thanks to Poker Strategy promotion, but I didn't play cause I didn't like the software. Then a week ago I said to give it a try. Cause I don't play very well Hold'em at ring games I played Omaha Hi NL25, without following any BRM cause I saw the level of poker playing a freeroll. I made in 2 days 110$ profit because this site is full of donkeys.

      So I was happy for that and since the 5000$ Freeroll is around the corner I decided to deposit minimum with the 'pokerstrategy' bonus code to get the t'ment entry. But here comes the surprise. I tried 3 times and my deposit was declined for no reason and then an Online Support guy asked me if I need help. So I started chat with him and he helped me to deposit, but even though I specifically asked him to use the bonus code, he didn't. I ONLY deposited for the 5000$ Freeroll entry and because I wanted to withdraw all the earnings. After asking him politely to try fix the issue with the bonus code he advised to send note to their support/promotion department to ask for the entry. So I did that after 5 mins. I had copied the entire chat discussion to have it as a proof that is their support fault that the bonus code wasn't use. So I sent the complaint to support and I attached the discussion. next day I received a note that the complaint will be analyzed and I'll get an answer in 24-48 hours and waited. It took them 6 days to give me an answer (yesterday I received it) saying that is Poker Strategy who owns the tourney and they can put me on the list so I should ask PS Support for that. They didn't admitted they is their mistake or anything. I replied back with my thinking and the wait 24-48 hours note was arrived, looool. The tournament is to take place on 12th July so if I will wait same as first request I'll miss it of course.
      I'm waiting now from an answer from PS Support and I hope they will solve this issue.

      Anyways, since I deposited on 888 for withdraw my earning I did that and after 5 days I received a note that the withdrawal was accepted and I should wait another 4-7 days to see the money. Just great, isn't it?

      The only good thing here is the First deposit package with the 7 days 500$ freerolls, the weekly 1000$ freeroll and the 50k$ challenge. I won 1 of the 500$ first deposit freerolls and I will withdraw all but starting 50$ these days. It will took probably to August to see my money, but I hope to see it.

      I didn't understand how I will get the extra 100$ bonus, but I found out that the 50$ starting capital needs to be wagered 100 times to be cashed out.

      SO 888 SUCKS!!!

    • karmolll
      Joined: 11.07.2008 Posts: 101
      I finaly went broke here after 1 mounth . Couldn t beat NL6, never had more than 58$ BR and i donked my last 10$ at NL30 just to remove this pain from my ass
    • DiegoFueng
      Joined: 13.10.2008 Posts: 3,667
      Well im sorry, but i have to dissagree.

      I play shorthanded. In about 20 days i made like $700 of those $50. Players are bad. I love pacific. I havent found any place better to play shorthanded or heads up. Plus the tourneys are not so good, but the players are donks so its easy money.

      Maybe u didnt run with the same "luck" that me, but where the players are bad, is good to play.
    • PKSSebulba
      Joined: 17.05.2009 Posts: 30
      it is so hard to play there but I decided to get bonus there (still have to clear bonus from PS + 5k wager for withdraw). People are entering hands with total trash and you never know what does that guy who 3 bets you holds. Played with some 90+ VPIP players and it was so hard to get money from them. After clearing bonus (hopefully) I will leave 888 for sure :)
    • txfoyochipz
      Joined: 13.07.2009 Posts: 32
      I don't like the software, but the amount of donkeys is unreal. I play the 6handed and 10handed turbo sng's and they are so easy to beat. The level of play is probably the worst I have ever seen.

      The 1 thing I really dislike about Pacific is the hand-history, or better the lack of 1. You can only look back 1 hand which sucks. All in all, the software is bad but the amount of donkeys are good.
    • hepcat
      Joined: 21.03.2008 Posts: 5,361
      Originally posted by txfoyochipz
      I don't like the software, but the amount of donkeys is unreal. I play the 6handed and 10handed turbo sng's and they are so easy to beat. The level of play is probably the worst I have ever seen.

      The 1 thing I really dislike about Pacific is the hand-history, or better the lack of 1. You can only look back 1 hand which sucks. All in all, the software is bad but the amount of donkeys are good.
      If you look at the lobby my profile game history, you can find more hands than one. :s_biggrin:

      Why don't people surf around in the clients to find out were to find things, but it wasn't obvious were to find it.

      BTW I also hate the software.
    • shn11eleven
      Joined: 09.07.2009 Posts: 384
      if its so bad - just stop whine and leave that platform ;-)
    • george59
      Joined: 31.12.2007 Posts: 11
      try Virgin will not believe how bad the graphics are..must be the worst ever
    • gedwashere91
      Joined: 20.07.2009 Posts: 2,387
      Yeah I got my $50 on pacificpoker and it was the worst thing I ever did. I went straight back to my Partypoker account, and then got a $2 freeroll on Pokerstars so i'm using that now too. But i've barely touched my $50 starting bonus on pacificpoker, i just lost like 10 cents and then bailed because I hated the software so much. I wish there was a way to swap your starting capital across to another site. At the moment I cant even seem to withdraw from my pacific account.
      *edit* I also bailed because the number of tables playing lower limits is absolutely APPALLING. PartyPoker/Pokerstars ALWAYS has tables that have 10 players, Pacific struggles to EVER get a 10player low limit table.