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    • garythehorse
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      hi PS,

      I've been scrolling through the PS TAF forum for about 5mins too see how many people have the same problem as me.

      This is about referring friends and thier accounts being deactivated after passing the quiz.

      I've posted many replies and we all get the same answer. Security, email support, unfortunate, etc etc...

      I've read, it is possible to reffer brothers, and or family etc providing that we/ them send copies of thier ID. So why is it that accounts get deactivated after passing the quiz even though ID's are requested by email, once they have been sent, the the guys log on to find thier account is deactivated.

      Is there not some way we can sort this out to cancel the unnecessary issue of contacting support, then trying to get the accounts reactivated etc etc??

      If everyone who reads this agree's to some extent can you just post a comment(kinda like a petition) because many of us have stats like:

      passed quiz:39
      $50 deposit recieved: 3

      because the accounts are deactivated. Can PS not wait for the cofirming email before deactivating accounts?
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    • TheBrood
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      They prob wont give you details about the deactivation for fear of people trying to circumvent the security control in question.
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    • fcumred
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      I kind of agree with the original poster but for different reasons.

      Pokerstrategy deactivated an account after the person registered.

      Now that person never got a bankroll so he's not had any money from Pokerstrategy.

      That person is still on my list of referals and is accruing points.

      That therefore means Pokerstrategy are gaining rake of his games that hes playing. However I dont get a penny of that because they claim hes created multiple accounts. No proof, no evidence, no emails nothing.

      Pokerstrategy are coining in the money from this person because they get a % of what he rakes and htey are quite happy to take this money. But because I referred him they wont pay me anything..

      That to me is utterly wrong.

      If pokerstrategy are making money from someone I referred then I should get a share of that. The fact hes got more than one account doesnt matter. Hes still making money for pokerstrategy and they are taking it all and not paying out a cent to me who has to pay for the upkeep of my site and pay for events to attract new members.

      Its just take take take from pokerstrategy.. THey dont mind multiple accounts as long as they are making money from it but when it comes to paying out on them they suddenly develop rules.