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Recover money

    • vitorassuena
      Joined: 13.10.2008 Posts: 158
      So, I used to have 50 dollars, but in madness I lost 30 dollars, and now there's only 20 dollars. What would you suggest me to do to recover them? Play regular NL10 tables, or try something in Sit and Go?
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    • gudalemandele
      Joined: 27.05.2008 Posts: 171
      Read the articles and play some microstakes.
    • vitorassuena
      Joined: 13.10.2008 Posts: 158
      Yes, I had read it...but I'm wondering what's better: regular tables or SnG.
    • yaxkukmian
      Joined: 24.12.2007 Posts: 2,020
      Since you're a beginner I would recommend playing cash games. First of all you have to play few 10k hands to get a feeling about a game, patterns, calculating odds,...etc.

      Following the BRM for sngs you should have at least 50 buyins. Even if you start with $0,6 sngs you have only 33 buyins (I don't recommend playing lower than $1 and even at $1 you should have more than 50buyins because people at that limit usually don't know what are they doing).

      Play NL4 => 20 BI comparing to NL10's only 10BI and the difference in level is more than noticeable. Play one or two tables at most so you can concentrate on the game, adapt to players (write notes about them).

      Good luck!
    • dubadal
      Joined: 05.09.2008 Posts: 263
      As far as SNG go on low limits - there is huge rake (25% of BI on 1$) and high varience.
      Also SNGs are great for putting you on Tilt, due to "my aces, AK etc got cracked by a stupid donk with J9s and I was 1 spot away from ITM"

      On the side note - FTP has great super turbo SNGs, with 3.5+.3 buyins, where you play push/fold and are thus a no-brainer until bubble. First place pays 15.75, so its worth the trouble, if you can get ITM 3-4 out of 10 & want some extra gamble. HOWEVER you should have at least 10 BIs to go there, as you cannot realistically expect to get ITM as often as with regular SNGs.

      There is also .25+0.05 sng, satellite for Daily Dollar. First 3 spots get the ticket, which is worth 1$. That makes it pretty low-ball, but its an SNG and triples your money for either of first 3 places. If you want SNGs, then thats the cheapest way and makes more sense than 1+.25 imo

      So, what yax said - go SSS NL4 or NL2 until you have a BR to try things.
    • Jonnym32
      Joined: 30.06.2009 Posts: 33
      read the strategies and understand them, ie don't just scan read them then take your game to a low limit table and work your way up slowly :) it's what i'm doing and it's working slowly but surely
    • roswellx
      Joined: 05.12.2008 Posts: 599
      1. Read the strategies. You won't understand them at first.
      2. Play and try to remember the articles while playing.
      3. Get back to the articles and find out the interesting situation(s) you were in.
      4. Correct your play, when the same situation occurs.
      5. Don't get mad if you even lost. Know that you've made the right move.
    • Agiz19
      Joined: 19.03.2007 Posts: 1,126
      if you have a touch for the game you can easily recover back.