how to play against a "fake fish"?

    • Rubbertoe84
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      Over the last couple of weeks ive come across a peculiar player, (vpip 100 pfr100), and on top of that he likes to announce his hand pre flop (always lying of course. I looked into this guy and he usually plays 3 tables on a higher limit where he plays properly and 1 low limit table where he plays as i mentioned above. I only join the table if i can have position on him but i´ve noticed that while he´ll go all in with ace high against most players, he tends to fold on the flop or turn against me. how sould i play preflop against this guy? do i call his raises with hands that should normally be folded(KQs) or should i stay tight? Even if he doesn´t give me action directly, he provokes a lot of action from the fish
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