Clearing the 50$ bonus question

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    • rex99
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      hi artiq2,

      welcome to and regarding to your question about the bonus clearing:

      to clear all the 50+100$ bonus at party you will have to follow these steps:

      You have 90 days to clear the 50$ and make 300 party points. No matter how much money you make you still able to clear the others 100$

      In order to clear the 100$ additional you will need 900 party points, and the 100$ will be divided in 4 parts of 25$ each share needs 150 party points.

      resuming: 300 pp clears the 50$, after that you have 90 days to make 900 points and clear the 100$( 4 parts of 25$).

      for any further iformation you can ask here, or visit this page: