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When do you start to need stats

    • AussieIan
      Joined: 10.12.2007 Posts: 366
      I'm currently playing 0.25/0.50 and just learning FL. At the moment, if i use my Titan points i can get a $300 roll. Should i look at playing 0.50/1.00, is this level much harder than what i'm playing?

      I have a reg for elephant, but cant get it work on my laptop....i will be getting a new desktop when i move back to Australia (in a month or so) and will install elephant on that.

      So, my question is....should i keep playing 0.25/0.50 until i get elephant running, or is it worth trying the new level now without stats?
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    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      Hi AussieIan,

      a few years ago I played up to 1/2$ FR and started with a HUD from 2/4$. I did it to improve my "observationskill" and I did pretty well. But today the tables aren't that full of bad players anymore so I think 0,25/0,5$ should be the last limit without stats. Sure you won't be a losing player if you play without it but it should improve your value a bit. (A lot highstakes player don't play wwith stats anymore. well there aren't that many players up there anyway.)

      Try playing 0,5/1$ without it. If you don't feel comfortable without stats then there is no shame in playing 0,25/0,5$ a bit more. A bigger BR for the higher limit isn't that bad. :)
    • Berkstajger
      Joined: 19.03.2009 Posts: 878
      I started using stats with 0.25/0.5 and now I can't imagine playing without them.

      About playing 0.5/1... on Pacific I find it even more fishy than 0.25/0.5. There are some TAG regs I've been playing as far back as on 0.12/0.25 and we moved up the limits together and I can predict their game quite well, other of that there are ridicolous players just spamming with their money. Took me half hour to get used to it and now I'm at 6.6 BB/100 after 1.500 hands. Including couple of bad beats which cost me couple of dozens BBs... :)
    • fu4711
      Joined: 29.06.2007 Posts: 10,216
      First: You do not need stats. But they might help you. But don´t get confused by hundreds of colourful numbers.

      What you try to do in poker is making the most profitable decisions based on all information available.

      The basics are your cards (obviously) and the betting action. Playing correct according to those is the first thing to master and already highly profitable on the stakes you named.

      Any further information is welcome as long as it helps your decision making process, whether it´s stats, timing tells, notes (!!most important the higher you get) or screenname/avatar/chat.

      As I have recognized, more information does not always lead to better decisions. Especially unexperienced players tend to confuse themselves.

      I would recommend you to start out with some very basic stats that might help a lot even with a smaller samplesize like VPiP, PFR and WTS.

      When you feel comfortable with those you might add some others you find helpful like AF, ATS, FBBtS.

      Most importent is that you really find the stats you have available helpful not burdening.

      And you should really make sure you understood what the individual numbers are meaning and how reliable they are based on the samplesize.

      On the micro and low stakes you do not have many regulars you play against often enough to get a relevant samplesize. And the higher you get the more individual you treat your opponents and vice versa (!). Even if you have like 10k hands does not mean they are playing that style today. Taking notes and observing the table flow gets more and more important.

      I myself recognized I stopped looking at stats almost completely on 20/40+. And I am a winning player, so stats are not a "must" although I´d recommend to use them as long as they appear to be helpful.

      Though if you do not find them helpful on 2/4 - 5/10 you should reconsider your approach :)

      (I apologize for any linguistic and orthographical deficiencies - blame the german school system :P )