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    • onepark
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      Hi All,

      I have been surfing around the net looking for good poker coaching site and found this site. I havn't read everything but this site seems to have VERY good first impression. Im sure I be sticking around here for a long time... :)

      I have been playing poker (online) for few month now, started pretty well (only playing SNG/torny) and made far in to money couple of times. But past 3 weeks actually 3 and a half weeks I did not get into money... Always get kicked out from bubble stage, trying to learn about ICM bit more so i can improve push/fold situation.

      just a few question tho, How come I can not read next page on some of the articles you have? there is page no.s (eg 1-5) but they all grey out..

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    • vhallee
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      Hello onepark,

      First of all, welcome to our forums. Since you are here to improve your game, I suggest that you take advantage of all our learning tools, especially the Strategy Articles, Instructional Videos and Coaching Sessions.

      Also, don't forget to post in the forums whenever you have a question, need advice or simply want to chat with fellow poker players.

      Regarding your article-related issue, they are all dependant on your rank. This means that you need a certain rank to read a whole strategy article, watch a whole video or attend a coaching session. These restrictions apply, of course, to items where a higher rank is needed.
      For more information about rewards and Strategy Points, please check the PokerStrategy.com Rewards System.

      Best regards,