[NL20-NL50] NL50 SH : AA 4bet pot

    • CrippleAlex
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      Hi, this hand was really wird, I am sure that it is not an obvious spot to CB and we have to worry about vilain's stats.

      Vilain was 17/3 with 2% 3bet, agg 4

      I was card dead on this table (I may have played 4 hands in 70) until this one.

      Dealt to Hero : A :spade: A :club:

      CO : Vilain ~+50€
      BU : Hero ~+50€

      utg calls 0.5, mp calls 0.5, CO raises to 4, Hero raises to 11 ... 4 fold.

      Flop 23€ : K :diamond: T :diamond: 6 :diamond:
      CO checks, Hero checks

      Turn 23€ : 8 :diamond:
      CO bets 11, Hero folds.
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    • maya1984
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      I don't like your check. what did you put him on when you decided to check?
    • CrippleAlex
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      Refering to his stats, his range is tight to raise and cold call a 4bet oop.

      He might have AA or KK to trap after my 4bet. He may have QQ.

      I don't think I have value to do, I want to check to pot control, and induce a bluff on a blank if he has a diamond in his hand.
    • MaestroOfZerg
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      What do you think he'll do with AdKx QdQx JdJx if you c-bet $12 on the flop ?

      If you believe he'll call then you can induce a call on the flop instead of maybe inducing a bluff on the turn, that's better.

      If you believe he will shove then you'll get good enough odds to call off the rest even if his range only consists of KK+ and QQ/JJ/AK with a diamond, which means that rarely you're a dog against KK+ and most often you're slightly ahead against the rest.

      I think until you can tell exactly what that guy would do on the flop and on the turn with both 1 diamond hands that you're ahead of and made hands that beat you, (which honestly is probably never going to happen given the huge player pools at these stakes), you're probably better off just c-bet/calling that flop. He might 5bet KK+ preflop so maybe he doesn't even have those few hands that beat you, which means making sure you stack his draws is the way to go.

      Hope it helps.