FML: Eternal State of Unmotivation

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      I want this blog to be super short and simple. I will be posting here after every session or day to keep track of myself. I got my starting capital about 2 months ago on Full Tillt and started playing SSS on NL10. Things did not go so well for me at first so I stopped playing for like 1 month. I did managed to clear the $50 bonus there and now I still have the roll to play NL10 SSS. From now on I will be playing SSS NL10 at Full Tilt and BSS NL2 at another site.

      Here are my goals:
      1. Becoming a little better at poker every single day. Better here means that I will know and make the correct profitable moves in any hand I play.
      2. Putting in at least 2 hours per day of playing SSS and BSS respectively.
      3. Putting in at least 2 hours per for poker study and working on my game. (analyzing hands, reading sample hands etc)
      4. Becoming oblivious to negative sessions.
      5. Becoming fearless at the poker tables. :f_cool:

      May 15, 2011
      So, it's been two years since I joined And basically I've gotten nowhere (not improve significantly as a poker player). I blame myself.

      Since then I have:
      1) aged
      2) graduated college
      3) passed the board exam for my license
      4) dread my "choice" of career FML. I don't even want to begin working in my field.
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