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My worst bad-beat ever

    • purpleshoes21
      Joined: 23.04.2008 Posts: 100
      I just wanted to post this since it is my worst bad-beat ever, so here it is:
      It was pretty early in a big mtt. Around 10% of the field had been eliminated. I was doing well and luck was on my side. With the starting stacks at 1500 chips, I was up to 6000. There was a guy at my table that had around 8000. He was not a very good player at all. He would almost always limp in preflop and bluffed far too often. So, I was dealt 9 8 in the big blind. This other player limps in from the cutoff. Everyone else folds, and I check.
      The flop comes 6c 8c 9c. With two-pair, I made a pot-sized bet to protect against the numerous possible draws. The guy calls. The turn is the Qc. I sigh and check. He also checks. The river is another 9, giving me a full house, and I am very happy. I bet a third of the pot, hoping that he will pay me off with a flush. He immediately makes a big raise. I go all-in, thinking that he probably has the ace high flush. He calls. His cards? 10c 7c. He had flopped the straight flush. Just like that, my tournament was over.
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