SnG BRM question

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    • Anssi
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      Actually a lot depends what your ROI is. If your ROI is only 2-3% and you are playing normal sit and gos, you should actually have more than 50 buy-in's to maximize your profits. On the other hand, if your ROI is 20%, you don't need more than 20-30 buy-ins.

      No, I don't think you should move down when you have 149,95$. But if you drop to 120-135$ range, maybe then you should move down for a while.

      For double or nothings you can use very liberal BRM, often 20 buy-ins are enough.
    • Titicamara
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      For, I will only play those buy-ins of 5% of my bankroll. No more. For example, if my bankroll is $30, I will only play the minimum $1 SNGs.