• Gjestis
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      First of all, sorry for my bad english.
      But I`ve recived my 50 dulls starting capital
      and i I`m trying to follow the SSS strat it by playing 0.5/0.10 NLH
      And bying inn with 2 dulls, that is the minmum by inn.
      But I`ve noticed that everybody plays with the minimum
      by inn, its just max 2 people with a stack on ecs 10 dulls.
      And If avarage it is just max 3 people with a big stack
      sss cant be profidablet. Enybody els have this problem?
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    • dirtttttt
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      What poker platform do you play on ?
      Cause on full tilt i almost always find profitable tables with 5+ bigstakes.
      Play the tables with a big number of players per flop (Plr/Flp%) and with a good average pot. A large number of Plr/Flp means that there are lots of limpers at that particular table so it makes it profitable.

      Best regards
    • zaggatto
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      In one hand the big staks are profitable for you as far as they play more `bully` style versus the short stacks, but on the other hand you are playing with 2$ and if you are heads up in a game with a big stacker with 10$ hes playing versus you with 2$ too. So if there are many people behind your buy in (for example 15 blinds) then you should change the table. What i said is totally in conflict with the SSS concept, but it`s my opinion. (: And ye, in FTP there are usually big and middle stacks wich are supposed to be more than 20 bb s
    • xponentx
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      Although it's ideal to play with less than 2 shortstacks, it's one of the harder parts of the strategy to stick to. I use Holdem Manager's Table Scanner to isolate tables with less than 2 shortstacks easily, but you still struggle to get through the waitingist with the same number left. I'd suggest doing your best to find the tables with bigstacks, but at least try and stick to high plrs/flop and large pots. Also, the poker room you play at really effects it. On iPoker I noticed a lot of shortstacks on the microlimits, and not a huge number of tables to choose from, whereas Stars is not so bad.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello Gjestis,

      Depending on which site you are playing at you will need to do extensive table selection and try to play at tables on which there are only a maximum of 2 to 3 other short-stacks playing. If there are more SSS players than this at a table, simply leave and look for other tables.

      As you already stated; it is not profitable to play at tables with only SSS players.

      Best regards