How swingy does FL tend to be?

    • AussieIan
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      I've just been learning FL in the last month and making good progress....i've hit a bit of a downswing over the last 3-4 days and was just wondering how swingy FL usually is? I've made some mistake that have cost money, but just interested in what constitutes a normal variance for people who have been playing for longer.
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    • SalamiandCheese
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      We would need a graph too really comment on your situation. But my guess is that you've been enjoying a nice upswing the last month. Downswings that are 1000's of hands or more should be expected and happen frequently. Check out the blog section if you haven't already.
    • TTT241
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      The following are Standard Deviation per type of game:

      FR 10-12 BB / 100 hands
      SH 15-18 BB / 100 hands
      HU 22+ BB / 100 hands

      Standard deviation goes up with more agressive / tought game where you start include semibluff or bluff raises as well as A high calldowns to catch 3 barrels bluffs.

      As how it is swingy... well I manage to loose and win about $1 000 2 times last month on $2/4... the down was as well caused by suboptimal play or tilt after heavy losses :( .

      Now I will be recovering from the third $1k loss :( .

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