Bad or very bad ?

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      I played today a $5+0.5 MTT with about 450 players... with 15 players remaining ( i was 11 with about 35000 chips at 800/1600 blinds) i'm dealt J7 of spades on BU. everybody folds so i think it's a good hand to steal. i open raise to 4000 and SB and BB both call. flop comes Qs Ts 9 ... SB checks BB bets 1600 i raise to 10000 SB calls BB pushes. i think for a moment and I call ( i had 17 * 4 = about 68% chance to turn or river basically the nuts...) SB calls also and blanks on the turn and river. BB shows QT off suit and SB and I muck. I finish in 15 place :| . I really dont like my play and I keep saying to myself to cold call a bet with a strong draw.

      But what do you think ?
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