preflop betting (annakurnikova video)

    • excelgeo
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      i was watching annakurnikova's cool video on equity and i have a question:

      he said he prefers to bet 3bb instead of 4bb as it has the same fold equity

      but wait a second...
      sss players make a vast amount of money by c-betting and taking it down on the flop.

      by betting 3bb you lose 1bb profit out of every c-bet. how is that +ev?
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    • Tim64
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      The only explanation I can think of is that if you raise 4BB with any hand that you're not not normally going all in pre-flop (in sss) with - e.g. AJ or AQ etc then when you're re-raised you lose 1 extra BB compared to if you only raised 3bb.

      At higher limits opponents are more likely to reraise you than just call so the issue of c-bets is less important.

      I don't know if that's right and I'm still struggling with betsizing myself, on NL100. Currently I'm raising 3.5bb or 3bb in CO & BU...