question about iron man

    • sharoni87
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      hi all,

      I know everyone are in the middle of this whole non-functioning software issue, I'm having the same problems as everyone else, hope it gets fixed soon.

      wanted to ask what is iron man and how does it work, the explanation on the FT website got me all mixed up and I hoped someone could explain it to me in an understandable way. is it worth my while?

      another question, I understand that there is an issue concerning iron man and rakeback, could someone please clarify that as well.

      thanks a lot...
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    • tevere
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      i play for six moths and i have problems too understanding this iron man thing. so there's two of us now.
    • Sczcepanik
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      Well, friends, first of all, im from the PT-BR Poker Strategy forum, soo, forgive me in advance for any english mistake.

      The Iron Man feature is based on:

      - How many Full Tilt Points you make per day. (Not including the Happy Hour or other ftp bonuses).

      During any month (lets use July as sample), you need to get some "points x day" in order to qualify for a Rank in Iron Man.

      Soo, for BRONZE, you need to play at least 15 days making at least 100 FTP OR if you make at least 200 FTP during 15 days or more.

      Lets use another sample:

      With 50 points per day, during 20 days, you get Bronze, if you do 50 points during 25 days, you get Silver.

      In case that you made just 5 days at 200+ and 10 days at 100+. You will qualify for Bronze, cause you got (15 days at 100 or more).

      Is simple, count the days x points and you will understand.

      One a Day - Freeroll
      If you make at least ONE Full Tilt Point per day, during ALL days in the month, you qualify for a $2000 freeroll.

      Medals & Freeroll
      When you qualify at any level (Bronze - Iron), you can choose to earn medals (that can be exchanged for $, Tokens or exclusive itens from Iron Man store), or you can get a place in another exclusive Iron Man Freeroll according to your level.

      And theres nothing concerned about joining Iron Man promotion that influences on Rakeback calc. (just if you use your medals for bonuses or take a freeroll it may be discounted).

      Cya! Hope its clear enough to understand! :f_grin:
    • sharoni87
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      thank you very much for taking the time to explain :P