Short Stack and Sides?

    • danleespencer
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm a first timer on here, been playing for about 5 years but only regularly in the last 2.
      I've been playing SSS for about 20 hours total now and i've ended up ignoring the rule about having no more than two other players short stacked on the table. I keep to the "7 or more players other than you" rule but I find that it's more important to play maximum tables at once. I can comfortably play 9 tables but finding them all without those short stacks would be hard. How important is that? surely if i play one or two tables it's going to take me a lifetime to progress. In 20 hours i've peaked to $80 from my $50 free credits (Thanks PS!)

      Dan Spencer
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    • sm112
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      Half of the shortstackers are donks with short stack and half of the other half are bad shortstackers, so it's not very important in the lower limits.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello danleespencer,

      As sm112 it not only depends on their buy-in size but also their stats. If you are using a tracking program and see that the table is very loose - it can still be profitable to play there. Yet if all the shortstacks are very tight and playing the same kind of strategy as you - you will be losing money over the long run.

      Best regards