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      Hello everybody! My name is Renars,i'm 20 years old guy from Latvia.
      Started to play poker before a while, found pokerstrategy , got my capital and obv lost it (played good game, but was running like a **** ).
      Now i'm back and motivated to study&grind micro stakes.I will start with NL5 and 80$.16BI should be enough for it.Will move up/down when i got 20bi for next limit!

      My goals for July

      Reach Silver or even gold status.
      Enough BR for NL10 in august(that's 200$)
      Post at least one hand for analizing every day.
      Watch one video per day.

      That is all for now,hope there will be some readers for this.
      Good luck at tables! :)
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    • kasparsgrejs
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      BR now is 78.53 will start updates tommorow.
    • kasparsgrejs
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      Played 2 sessions yesterday,one on my main PC second without any stats.

      At the second PC lost like 4,5 BI so was down a little more then BI yesterday.

      $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem
      4 players
      Converted at

      CO Hero ($5.68)
      BTN ChaosMage ($10.00)
      SB Barby Anne 18 ($17.65)
      BB N-WORD8 ($13.84)

      Pre-flop: ($0.07, 4 players) Hero is CO K:club: K:spade:
      Hero raises to $0.20, 2 folds, N-WORD8 raises to $0.62, Hero raises to $1.88, N-WORD8 calls $1.26

      Flop: J:club: T:spade: 9:diamond: ($3.78, 2 players)
      N-WORD8 checks, Hero bets $3.80, N-WORD8 calls $3.80

      Turn: 9:club: ($11.38, 2 players)

      River: A:spade: ($11.38, 2 players)

      Final Pot: $11.38
      Hero shows: K:club: K:spade:
      N-WORD8 shows: A:heart: Q:club:

      N-WORD8 wins $10.63 ( won +$4.95 )
      Hero lost -$5.68

      BR 71.72

      I will be a silver tomorrow i guess,earned 76SP in two days!

      GL at tables