NLHU - some tips?

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      I've started palying som NLHU.. Yestereday I came over this guy; sooted112 at stars, on the 0.5/1 NLHU.

      I can see that he has got some great profit from HU.

      I just wonder if anyone has got any nice strats for HU?

      When I played him it was almost like playing a bot. He always had $100 on the table, no excpetions(added more chips when he lossed) - and took it out when he got over $100. First of all, how is it possible to take chips out from the table without lefting it? - I Have never got a hand of that..

      Secondly, everytime he played(played about every hand) - he first 3bet. either he would check/fold. or bet 8 at flop, and 14 at turn, and 26 at river.

      No excepetions what so ever.

      The raises/checks/fold were so instant, that I dont understand how its possible to even click on the raise/check/fold button that fast.

      In some few hands he changed his game, and his actions took longer time.

      Is it possible that I may have played a bot or so? Is that legal anyhow?

      I guess he played at alot of tables aswell.

      And I ask myself, is that way of playing any form for strategy? What good will it do?

      What do you think?
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