playing BSS against SSS?

    • lessthanthreee
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      hey guys,

      i currently play BSS on NL10 at FT, doing quite well and looking to find a few more +EV opportunities at my tables.

      one i have noticed is that the tables i play usually have 2-3 clearly identifiable SS players, very tight hand selection pre flop..

      my question is if i have position on an obvious SSS player, would it be +EV for me to min raise any two in a blind battle as he will be forced to fold 97% of his range?

      i think i have enough discipline in my post flop play to get away from horrible spots.

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    • LemOn36
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      A good SSS will not be forced to fold 97% of his range at all, he will simply adjust to your min raising.

      But as NL10 SSS are generally stupid playing just by a chart then you can do it indeed and never expect them to fight back
    • kingdippy2008
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      Yes i would say that you can steal a very wide range against them, however if you face resistance then i would fold everything except QQ+

    • sm112
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      If I notice you stealing me a lot, I would start shoving your steals more lightly. And I almost never fold to a minraise-steal, I call or re-raise and usually donkbet flop according to my cards, board, mood (sometimes I play TAG, sometimes LAG game and yes, I'm still talking about SSS) and reads.
    • excelgeo
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      I do the same eventually but it is a good strategy mate, you will notice that many players just fold it with a minraise, don't do it with any two, do it with any connectors, suited connectors, face cards, pairs and A high.

      but be prepared to fold them.

      And steal their blinds.