How does this happen?

    • Razorel
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      Ok, Full Tilt is not rigged, I give it that, but IT IS FUCKED UP.
      I'm so pissed off right now. I was playing a Sit and go, and one player disconnected. No big deal. He was on "Fold to any bet" and we just ate up his chips. When he was down to his final 80 chips, he was all in and won. There were only 4 of us remaining, and we were all waiting for him to lose, so we could be ITM.
      Well, I lost before him, although he had 80 chips, and I had 4000, and no, I didn't go into any stupid all-ins or something. HE JUST WON EVERY ALL IN HE WAS INTO, ON THE RIVER. 48 won, 27 won, A9 won, 49 won, 29 won. EVERYTHING WON. WTF?????????????? He had nothing, and we were all saying, an 8 will flop on the river. Bam, an 8. A 9, Bam, a 9.
      This is so fucked up I don't believe it.
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