[NL2-NL10] NL10 - 65s

    • MMa7
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      Should I fold preflop already?

      On the turn I should probably fold after the first bet, since there were 3 guys to act behind me? And the second call is justified?

      I made my straight on the river, but it wasn't the nut straight, what to do?

      Sorry if I there's smth wrong in the thread or the thread itself, this is my first one. Any help is welcome for further ones.

      ah, forgot to add the stats about the opponents.

      MARIEBOM111 - Loose passive (preflop) - agressive (postflop)

      hands /VPIP /WTS /preflop raise
      16 /43.8% /25% /0%

      theartist29 - loose agressive (preflop) - passive (postflop)

      19 /78.9% /36.8% /15.8%

      juicy_aces - loose agressive (preflop) - passive (post)

      10 /60% /10% /10%
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    • Sleyde
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      preflop is fine against the miniraise. the turn is fine. you cant fold with these odds. river is fine as well.

      nice hand. if it was a bigger reraise preflop, id fold with so many players behind me, but that doesnt apply to a miniraise. postflop you cant find a fold since you always get teh right odds.
    • MMa7
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      Ah, cool, thanks :)

      I really thought that the first call on the turn was wrong since there were still action behind me.