Fixed Limit Heads up

    • EdgarAronov
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      Hi, i'm new here, but got that 50$ and played in Full Tilt a while already.

      Some time ago i played limited holdem' heads up and u noticed a guy who beated me 4 times. I made the topic coz his strategy. He was always beting and reraising and always knew when to fold. I tried to play tight - didnt worked, tried to play it his way - didnt work. I'm just interested, are there realy so bulletproof strategys? :f_eek:
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello EdgarAronov,

      Heads up is a very complicated game and requires a lot of knowledge about the game. This is the reason why there is only 1 article provided by pokerstrategy on Heads up and this is Gold.

      There is no real strategy for Heads Up as it requires a lot of adaption to your opponent. It also requires a lot of knowledge of the game already, which is why Full Ring and Short handed play are taught first. For these games Pokerstrategy can provide concepts to make you a winning player :)

      Also what you experienced may have just been variance. He might have had the right cards at the right time ;) Sometimes it just goes like that.