Help please:\

    • joikabolle
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      i was so happy, because i have builded my br to 230$ in two days.
      but now when i try to connect what i see is.
      Your account has been temporarily frozen. Please contact our customer support in order to clear security issues as soon as possible.

      they dont seem to answer my mail. i have no possibilities to use phone, since im a student. my cellphone is stolen, i live by my own near the school.
      how do i get to contact customer support then? this really made me sad

      what are the reasons they "freeze" accounts? i have no idea whats going on? :(

      how to solve this problem then? this really ruined my day
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    • random3
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      If you mailed them already, just wait, it could take a day or 2 for an answer. If it has been more then that, try mailing them again.
    • Stefan1000
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      Actually we can not see why the did froze your account there are three typical reasons why they do that

      Reason 1: Cash Out

      Because of security reasons, PartyPoker is freezing everyones account the first time you are making a cash out. So when you make a cash out they will call you at the telephone numer given at the registration. If you were not available while they called you you can do two things. Write an email and tell them when and under which telephone number you are available. Then they will call you. Or you call them and tell them that you are available now and they will call you back.
      As i said before this is mainly because of security reasons so they know that you are really the person that wants to cash out

      Reason 2: Fake Account

      When Party thinks you are the owner of more then one account they will freeze your account. Sometimes this happens when another person played from your pc with a different account. A telephone call like mentioned above will solve problems here too.

      Reason 3: 5000 raked hands

      You can only cash out after youve played 5.000 raked hands. This is because we provide you with the money to play poker and not to abuse our offer and simple cash the $50 we gave to you. So when you try to cash out before you played 5.000 raked hands your account will be frozen. Telephone call will help here too

      But mainly it is reason 1.