[NL2-NL10] NL10 (FR) - 2 hands

    • MMa7
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      Averrell2 - Tight Agressive (preflop) - passive (postflop)

      hands /VPIP /WTS /preflop raise
      43 /25.6% /2.3% /9.3%

      Have I raised too much preflop? And bet too much as well on the flop, since the Ace fall?


      Edelscheu - Tight agressive (preflop) - passive (post flop)

      24 /16.7 /8.3% /8.3%

      Brutus87 - loose agressive (preflop) - passive (postflop)

      22 /77.3 /31.8% /18.2%

      Should I raise more preflop there? What about post flop, is the check-raise ok there? Or should I directly lead out?
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    • Sleyde
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      1) preflop and flop are both perfect.

      turn is tough against that small bet but i'd fold it as well.

      2) on nl10 preflop could be a lil bit more coz of the previous callers. i suggest $0.9 or sth.

      you should then DEFINITELY and ALWAYS contibet the flop. a check/raise is totall wrong here. you give your opponents a opportunity to take freecards on a very dangerous board. there are many cards that can kill you on the turn. lead out with a potsizebet.