Question! Which Hand Judging Forum Helps the most?

    • DaPhunk
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      I *recently* moved up to NL50 in my BSS career (Hand count wise) and I was just thinking;

      Which Hand-Judging forum will help me the most?

      a) Just the NL50 Forum

      b) The NL50 AND NL100+ Forums

      c) The NL50, NL100+ AND NL5 - NL10 Forums!

      I'm thinking b) because this way I get into some more advanced concepts being used but using the lower limit forums could actually be -ev in Comparison with what I would learn on the higher ones.

      However, I think it is possible that I maybe shouldn't read the Higher Limit forums either as maybe I should focus on getting my game become more solid before looking to more advanced Hand situations?!?!?
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