PokerStars or Titan Poker?

    • unlogik112
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      Ive recently cleared my 100% match bonus at Full Tilt and I'm looking to move on to another site. Stupidly I did not subscribe to rakeback or anything. I'm looking for another site and I can't decide between PokerStars and Titan. I'm playing SSS so I'm looking for a site with many players so i can tablehop easily. I was thinking of joing pokerstars but they don't do rakeback, and Titan do but I heard they got low traffic? Can anyone give me some advice?
      Also, I've heard pokerstars do VPP points, what does that mean, is this similar to rakeback?

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    • TheBrood
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      Pokerstars >>>> Titan

      in fact, ppl say

      anything >>>>> Titan

      Titan has
      - horrible popup
      - no resizable tables
      - no auto-rebuy
      - traffic is small compared to Stars
      - Its been buggy sometimes
      - tables timeout without you noticing
      - table doesnt always popup automatically
      - no post-next-blind option
      - no sitout-next-blind option
      - more stuff I can't remember atm
    • alejandrosh
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      pokerstars >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> x1000000 titan

      and pokerstars fpp points is all the rakeback you will get, when you get to higher limits then you can get a ton of them and buy good bonuses.
    • rex99
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      i think those are enough, TheBrood =D

      good work :f_cool:
    • s1ndr0me
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      titan both sucks and blows, which I didnt think was possible at the same time ;)
    • Agiz19
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      if there is any sense in you go to stars :) :f_p:
    • dadude77
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      I too am a fan of stars :) .. Thebrood has a pretty nice list!!

      For SSS the softwares great for multitabling, tons of players etc!

      good luck there!
    • unlogik112
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      Thanks for all the replies! Definately not going to Titan now lol, but now im considering partypoker and pokerstars. pokerstars has less SSS-ers however partypoker has the 100% match bonus up to $500 whereas pokerstars' bonus is up to $50..
    • SoyCD
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      Hello unlogik112,

      I think PokerStars, Mansion Poker (same network as Titan - but with very nice bonus system) or PartyPoker are possible options.

      In terms of multitabling - I have no problems playing 12+ tables on Mansion or PokerStars and both have a similar kind of bonus scheme. While VIP systems aren't called rakeback - they function similarly. You essentially collect points which you can later on exchange for cash or other things. At the highest levels these can be equal to 60-80% rakeback - on the lower levels they are usually equal to 10-30%.

      Best regards
    • Anssi
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      The Mansion "rb" is a lot higher than pokerstars' rb though. On Stars you get 10-20% depends how much you rake, 28% after you have raked 20k. On the other hand, Stars has smaller rake to begin with, so the worse rakeback doesn't really hurt. Pokerstars software is a lot better for multitabling.
    • unlogik112
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      thanks for all the replies!

      ive decided to go for partypoker because of the 100% match bonus which pokerstars doesn't offer.
    • puwr29een
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      i prefer POkerstas ,you can find tables you prefer anytime